14. Washington DC – 2009

I have been to Washington DC several times over the years but the trip that sticks out was when my mom got sworn in by the US Supreme Court.


“Lil Miss goes to Washington”

In 2011, I came to DC so my mom could get sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court. This wasn’t my first subway ride but I always enjoyed trains, planes and automobiles.

2011-05-14 18.10.51.jpg

While in DC we visited the Arlington National Cemetary.  It was very pretty and mom got all emotional!

2011-05-14 15.44.04-1.jpg

We also toured the Lincoln Memorial and I found a penny!

2011-05-14 15.10.51.jpg


We were suppose to tour the inside of the White House but the president shut down tours because of threats.  We had fun anyways!  I also loved being silly with mom.

2011-05-15 14.20.36.jpg2011-05-15 14.21.49.jpg

Then this nice man gave us a ride.

2011-05-15 14.38.46.jpg


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