11. Florida – 2008

Key West:One of my first trips to Florida was to Fort Myers to see my IMG00108.jpggrandma, aunts and uncles, and tons of cousins.  My mom comes from a very large key_westfamily, and five of her siblings live in Florida.  Then mom and dad took me to Key West on the ferry boat where I saw a bunch of cats, chickens and snorkeled in the ocean for the first time. I like the Doubletree near the marina because they have a great pool that is heated and a yummy brunch.


Fort Myers:  I have been to Fort Myers and Lehi Acres many times because I have so many family members there.  It is also where my best cousin, Zoe Burns, lives.  Here are photos of us at my cousin, Misti’s wedding, and lounging at the pool.

2010-06-25 10.45.17-12010-06-25 15.42.41.jpg

2010-06-27 21.43.04Aunt Debbie also let us play dress up at her house!





In 2011, I went to Fort Myers again.


This time to see my new cousin, Bella!


My cousin and I can be funny and we are both LSU fans!


On that trip I flew in 1st class for the first time.  It was nice!



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