3. California – 2006

Tarzana: My first of many trips to California were to Tarzana.  We met some of my aunts and my uncle and several cousins outside of Los Angeles.  This is a photo of me and daddy, me with my cousin zoe and me with Tiger at Walt Disney Land


Carmel-by-the-sea:  In May of 2007, my mom took me to a small town south of San Francisco to see my aunt, uncle and cousins.  686070702110_0_ALB.jpg







Santa Barbara: In August of 2007, my parents took me to Santa Barbara.  We traveld to the boardwalk and played in the water.  I had a ton of fun!


San Diego: In 2009, my parents took me to San Diego, California to the zoo.  We had so much fun but boy was I exhausted.


As you can see, I love being silly like my daddy!


San Diego:  On another trip, we all went to meet Aunt Susie in San Diego.  While there we sat and watched the ocean hit the cliffs and the sea lions, while daddy tour a bmw shop. 2007 Bri and Daddy.jpg

Daddy and I really like to be silly!


But we also love the ocean!


After Aunt Susie left, we went to Legoland.  It was the most wonderful place because there were tons of legos and tons of rollercoasters.


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