1. Texas – 2003

Fort Worth: I was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 2003, so traveling within Texas is to be 41974583410_0_ALBexpected.  I have been all over the states over the years.  This photo was taken with my mom at the Fort Worth Zoo.  Here are a few of my adventures.


Kemah In 2003, I traveled to Galveston for the first time with my parents.   While there OplCommandServletwe traveled to Kemah Boardwalk, just south of Houston.  I love the boardwalk because there is so many fun things to do.  There is this water park, the Aquarium Restaurant, and a rollercoaster all on the water.  We go back every so often but not enough for me!

I think I might have been tired after a day in the sun!


Galveston My first trip to Galeveston was when I was very little.  I loved to play in the sand and surf.  The beach is still my all time favorite place to go, but of course it would be since my mom loves the water. 1032-14.jpg








In 2016, whenSummer Fishing 2015 a bunch of my family met up in Galveston for deep sea fishing.  In this photo are two of my cousins, Ian Burns (Florida) and Robert Brocata (Louisiana), as well as my best friend, Angelica.  Notice the shark we caught?  It was so yummy grilled!  We also tried to make a bonfire on the beach but the wind would not work with us!  That week I learned all about Slap Card.



Dallas:  I have been to Dallas many times because it is so close to where I live.  Once mom took me to the Galleria to the American Doll Store for a friend’s birthday.  Afterwards we went ice skating.  I have also been to the J.F.K museum and toured downtown with my parents.

SAMSUNG 2011-12-03 13.26.50.jpg

Houston: In 2016, I traveled to Houston to compete on Master Chef Junior.  I didn’t make the show but I would go on to compete on Chopped Jr. in 2017.  There is more about that story under New York trips.


San Antonio: In 2013, we went to San Antonio and walked on the riverwalk. 


We also went from mission to mission along the old travel trail.  Boy was it hot!


Then we went to sea world.  It was a great trip!



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